A 360 photo booth takes photographs by circling an individual, capturing a 360-degree view of each pose. This is an excellent service to include in your professional photography services as customers enjoy the trend.

Despite the name, the setup is actually a video booth, and the name 360 photo booth might have been for marketing purposes. This means you can use the setup for event photography and event videography. This guide will provide more details about the 360 photo booth, how it functions and how it can be used as part of your business.

What Is A 360 Photo Booth?

A 360 photo booth spins around a person and takes their pictures from all angles. The booth has an arm that rotates, holding a camera as it clicks and takes images of the subject. The result is a spinning image of the individual it is photographing.

You can use the booth for your clients with corporate and social events. The booth will serve these purposes from birthdays, anniversary parties, Christmas parties, and also weddings. Getting a 360 clip in any of these celebrations will be a perfect way for your clients to commemorate the day.

The good thing about the 360 photo booth is that it can accommodate guests of all sizes. So, you will not have restrictions that only permit a specific size to use the booth. It is, therefore, the ideal event videography for adults and children.

Types of Events You Can Use A 360 Photo Booth

Another reason a 360 photo booth should be part of your business is its many uses. Below are some of the events you can use a 360 photo booth.


A wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in one’s life. It is usually a big day for the couple who will want nothing but perfection. From the dress to the venue to the food to the entertainment, they will expend a lot of resources for the best outcome.

A 360 photo booth will come in handy to make the event more memorable. The good thing is that the bride and groom participate in the shot as well as the other guests, making the event enjoyable. You will also capture significant moments in the wedding, ensuring it goes down as a memorable event.

Product Marketing

Customers associate with a product through interaction with its pictures which have a bearing on the brand image. As a result, brands have adopted the 360 photo booth machine to promote their products. You will capture every angle of the featured product and not miss a single shot. Brands may hire your machine for their events and shows, thus enticing prospective customers to their stands. Consequently, the brand will increase its awareness.

Social Events

Social events encompass different occasions, from contests to competitions to parties to shows. Hosts typically look for new ways to spice up the party at these events. A good way individuals ensure their social events are not boring is by hiring 360 photo booth machines. The machine serves as a great way to add fun to the event. Moreover, the guests will not have to wait long to get their snaps. You will send the pictures to their phones at that instance or hand them copies of their poses.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are growing a tourism, architecture, and real estate trend. 360 photo booths capture all-around images of the tourist destination, house, or hotel. As such, customers can see what a place looks like without going there physically.

A 360 photo machine gives a more detailed look than traditional photos. Your client’s customers get a different experience by viewing these places in a 360-degree view. As a result, you will play a significant role in increasing your clients’ sales.

What Types Of Videos Can You Capture?

A 360 photo booth creates the best content for event videography. The booth offers glamorous looks, feel effects, and beautifying filters. Another fantastic feature is the ability of the photo booth to get a still from the video and place it on a virtual background. Additionally, there are traditional photo booth filters and augmented reality capabilities.

The 360 photo booth will capture perfect videos for different events, making your clients stars and giving them the opportunity for an experience they otherwise wouldn’t have. The videos are high quality and can be shareable and downloadable at the event. You can also stream the experiences in real-time, especially for events such as marketing, promotional or if your client is a social media influencer who wants to keep their followers entertained.

What Is The Profit Potential Of A 360 Photo Booth Business?

A 360 photo booth business will be a great way to supplement your income. You will be tasked with providing a fun environment for various events and being the party’s life. As such, you can make money while having lots of fun.

The profit potential of the venture is high, and you will charge depending on the event. For instance, you will charge $500-$1,000 for a social event or $250-$350 per hour. Of course, you will charge different rates depending on the market.

You can charge $350-$400 per hour for corporate marketing events. These events are typically longer than social events, and some clients may want to bill you in daily rates. It would help if you customized your client’s experience, which you will charge higher rates. The good thing about corporate clients is that you will have the chance to work with them regularly.

A photo booth business may initially start slow but will improve with time as you get repeat clients and referrals. Be present and engage your clients for the best experience. You can also look for more add-ons to entice them.

Get Your 360 Photo Booth Today

Having a 360 photo booth is fun and profitable. If professional photography is your thing, you can increase profits by incorporating this booth into your services. Reach out to Capture Your Spin for the best photo booth packages at affordable prices. You will be impressed by the quick shipping and quality, ensuring you give your customer an unforgettable experience as early as possible.

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