If you are the type who likes capturing memories with your phone or camera, starting a photo booth business is probably on your bucket list. Starting a rental photo booth business will not only allow you to work with professional equipment like high-quality cameras, but you will also get the chance to work with experts in the industry. So now the question is how do you get your new photo booth business started?

Have a vision and a mission for your business

Your business intends to have a mission and vision statement for your clients. The vision statement must be catchy, engaging, and memorable enough for your clients to remember.

A mission statement is for you and your small business employees. What do you want to achieve with the business you intend to start. The mission statement will always make you wake up early in the morning and work late hours.

Get the necessary equipment

After you have your vision and mission in mind, it is time to gather all the necessary materials you intend to use.

Here are the materials you need to be budgeting for:

Find a space to work from

Since you are doing a rental photo booth, look for something within your budget since you are just starting. Most photo booth businesses are mobile but having a home base where you can refer your clients is exemplary. The home base will give you space where you can store your equipment, edit and print your photos, and a place to meet your potential customers.

Design a website for your rental business

You will need to figure out a way in which you can communicate and attract potential clients. The best way to go about this is by creating a company website. Everything is digital, and your clients will likely find you through a google search.

On your website, ensure you dedicate a section that offers free rental quotes so your customers can easily determine how much a photo booth rental will cost them. You also need to provide a platform your clients can reach out to discuss what projects they have in mind. Your online customer base care services will determine whether your photo booth business will succeed or not.

You only have around 15 seconds to convince your clients to work with you. A well-designed home page will do the talking and leave a lasting impression. Clients want samples of your past work, and having a link to those videos will do the trick. You can use high-quality images, videos, or both to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Train your employees

It may sound obvious to many but training your staff on the job they intend to do will skyrocket your business in minutes. Ensure your team has valid credentials and some experience. You will need to train them how to properly use the photo booth equipment you have chosen. This will help reduce mistakes while your clients are present.

You will also need to train them on the specific style of photos you wish to produce to set your brand apart and ahead of other photo booth rental companies. Every photographer has a unique style of taking photos that your employees should be aware of.

Its time to launch

After you have completed all of the above steps, it’s time to start selling your rental. During the launch, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Get people through the door

Having people contact you and booking a photo shoot with you is one way you can launch your business. A little exposure to social media marketing and client outreach will do the trick.

When creating a website, you can also take the chance and create a social media presence for your business. Your business can have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages dedicated to your rental business to share photos and special promotions. You can invite people interested in a photo shoot and give them good deals and promotions to generate content. Once clients are satisfied with your services, they may be more inclined to book your photo booth again or give you quality referrals.

Speak with your clients

Most people are looking for services online. They look for client reviews. Positive reviews will allow your business to stand on its feet. You can reach out to former customers and ask them to review your company and services.

Good customer service, high-quality results, and quick response times are some ways that will help you gather positive reviews.

Assessing and reassessing your goals

You strive to make your photo booth the best of its kind in the market. You need to assess whether the business meets the objectives in your mission statement. You will need to reassess if your business goals are being met. If not, try changing your business structure and plans.

This is an excellent thing to do since you created the purposes long before the business started. At that time, it was hard to know how your company would turn out after its initial launch.

How do you grow your photo booth business?

Once you have launched your rental business, you must keep it running for as long as possible.

Here are tips worth looking at:

Manage prices

When starting your business, a high price tag may deter your clients from approaching you since you have no reputation. Having a lower price at that time will help you attract clients and retain recurrent ones.

After you have had a good foundation, you will need to look at your pricing again. You can decide to raise the pricing by a small percentage and evaluate how your clients will react to this.

Adding a second photo booth

Once your business grows well, and you start noticing returns, you need to add another photo booth. Not only will adding one stall increase your revenue, but it will also increase your audience.


It’s time to turn your passion into something that can generate income for you. It’s time to start your photo booth business and create a brand for yourself.

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